Welcome to Runnymede Farm

About Us

Who runs the farm?


Runnymede Farm is a wholly owned subsidiary of Whitechapel Holdings Inc. The Runnymede Farm management team is made up of a group of committed individuals that believe in the need for providing natural, organically grown pesticide and herbicide free products. The combined team has extensive corporate and business experience, including bio-technologies, and product development.

Why Organic?


Organic marijuana is simply tastier, healthier, and more potent for both medical and recreational purposes. According to MMJ Business Daily, the majority of cannabis consumers in California, prefer organic marijuana compared to hydroponically-grown weed. In fact, those same respondents preferred organically-grown flower over hydroponically-grown flower. Organic marijuana is the safest, most honest marijuana you can find. 

Care for the environment

Welcome to Runnymede Farm, we are environmentally conscious, and strive to grow premium cannabis. Our commitment to sustainability is obvious the moment you step foot on the property. Cannabis, vegetables, and animals all live harmoniously on the land. We plan to be 100% off the grid power with multiple large solar arrays and a cutting edge wind turbine system. Our water is drawn from an on property well that greatly reduces our footprint. 

It takes a dedicated team to manage careful land stewardship while maintaining a high level of craft as a cultivator, which is why our team has been so carefully chosen and why we are (we believes) justified in our pride of them.


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